Here are 10 best ways to make ‘Googling’ efficient

Imagine your life without Google Search in 2022? Seems difficult, right? And if you can recall the story of an applicant from last year, who mentioned ‘Googling’ as his skill in his resume,

Google Search has been a very handy tool to have. However, despite the fact that Google plays an important role in our day-to-day life, most people are unable to use it to its full potential.

So, to bring the best results out of your Google Search, here, we have listed the top 10 tips and tricks to use.

Use hyphen -- You can use (-) to exclude content from a major topic that you don't want to search. It will tell the search engine to ignore that part. For example, the latest smartphone launches -iPhone, which will omit the iPhone specifically.

Colon for a specific site -- Sometimes you look for content from a specific website from Google. To do so, you will simply need to add (:) between your searching term and specific website. Such as loan

Quotes for specific search -- When you need to search for something very specific, don't just use the words. Put those words or phrases within the quotes. This will let Google know to search for the whole phrase.

Asterisk for missing – It sometimes happens that you forget a few words from a phrase that you want to search. But Google has a trick for that too. Just use an asterisk (*) at those places of the phrase where some words are missing and Google will know that here some words need to be filled. (WikiMedia)

Track your orders – Just enter the tracking number of your order in the Google search and it will give you the tracking information about your package. This can be a shortcut, instead of going to a specific site or app and then waiting for it to load for your orders and then tracking information.

Find other websites like your favourite one -- This is simply like a search related to a specific website. For example, will give you results of websites that are similar to Amazon, such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, and more.

Your Google search is a calculator too! Can't find a calculator? Don't worry, your Google is multi-tasking. Google search can match for you. Simply put the math problem in the search bar and it will gill you exact or descriptive solutions.

Search multiple words at once – Use the 'OR' modifier to get more accurate results if you're seeking results that are only on one topic or another. For example, 'smartphones or tablets' will give you results for both at once.

Search by customizing publishing date – You can find the information from a specific time period. Such as searching Moto smartphone launches in Google search and then going to ‘tools’ to set the time period from where you will get the results from your customized publishing date. It will give you published articles or content from that particular period only.

Find a specific file -- If you don't know, Google search has the ability to search for a specific file or file type. If you need a specific PDF or PowerPoint file that you previously looked at or need to use for another project, this can be really handy. All you need to do is to search like this, *Search term here* filetype:pdf.