Android Apps To Manage       Multiple Accounts

  Looking for an app to run multiple  social media accounts on your phone?

  Managing multiple onling accounts on   different devices can become a hassle,   but there are apps that you manage  these accounts on the same device

  Here are some apps that can help  you to operate multiple accounts on                    the same device

Parallel Space

With a single tap on an android device, you can switch between two networks or accounts using Parallel Space


2Accounts is a tool that allows you to log in to two different instant messaging,gaming, or social networking accounts on the same device

Dual Space

The app's interface is simple and easy to use with seperate notifications, seperate data, seperate storage for both the original and cloned apps on the same device

App Cloner

App cloner allows you to make clones  of your existing apps, allowing you to  use numerous networks or accounts  rather than two only