Luckily, technology has been working on a solution to make credit accessible to everyone at a moment’s notice. Cash advance apps are the latest and greatest result of that progress. They allow you to get funding almost instantly with merely a few taps on your mobile device.

Best Overall – Optional tipping instead of fee – Potential for instant funding – Balance Shield can help you avoid overdraft – Can help you reduce medical bill – Available in all 50 state

Best Bank Account With Cash Advance Online – Automatic overdraft protection if you qualify – No late fee – Credit-building tool – Early paycheck deposit

Best Payday Advance App for Saving – Free instant fund delivery if you qualify – 14-day free trial with full feature – Empower checking account generates interest – Free financial coaching – Optional recommendations to save money

Best Same-Day Cash Advance App for Small Overdraft – You can reduce your limit at any time – Refunds gas holds instantly – Teen banking tools for parent – Earn points you can redeem for cash at select merchant – Lets you put funds into saving pods for specific goal

Best for Non-Traditional Employment – No monthly fee or interest rate – Fast delivery with a MoneyLion account – Credit-builder loans available – No transaction limit per day – Five-day grace period from the due date

Best for Avoiding Overdraft Fee – Helps prevent overdraft fee – Includes a budgeting tool that creates a customized plan for you – Search for gigs with Dave’s Side Hustle service – Manual or automatic payment – Doesn’t charge late fee

Best Cash Advance Service to Recommend for Your Employer – Instant advance with Branch account – Supports contactless payment – Employers can distribute wages instantly to Branch card – No credit checks or contracts required – No late fee

Best for People Who Want to Invest – Earn annual yield on your checking account – On-demand customized financial planning advice – Cutting-edge investment strategie – No account fee – Fully automated investing and fund allocation

Best-Presented Fee Structure – Simple fee structure – Access to Varo Visa card – Early paycheck deposit option – No account fee

Best at Predicting Overdraft Fee – Automatic overdraft protection – Free budget tracking tool – Optional credit monitoring service – Easily extend the due date for repayment